Washington DC, 4 October :


The sixth round of annual Security Dialogue between Bangladesh and the USA was held at the US Department of State on 3 October 2017. Bangladesh Delegation was led by Abida Islam, Director General (Americas), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the US delegation was led by Mike Miller, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Political Military Affairs of the United States Department of State. The dialogue was held in a cordial and friendly environment. The dialogue covered a wide range of security cooperation issues related to defense, peace keeping, counterterrorism and civilian security including regional issues.

The issue of more than half a million forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals to Bangladesh since 25th August 2017 featured prominently in the dialogue. The safe and sustainable return of these people to Myanmar was emphasized in the day-long dialogue. The US side highly appreciated Bangladesh’s humane approach in providing temporary shelter and emergency humanitarian assistance to these Myanmar nationals fleeing the violence in the Rakhine State. Bangladesh side expressed its deep appreciation for US’s support to Bangladesh in handling this unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

The US side recognized Bangladesh’s role as a trailblazer in peacekeeping and commended Bangladesh’s pioneering role in contributing the very first women-only contingent of UN peacekeepers to Haiti.

Counterterrorism and countering violent extremism being the principal component of Bangladesh-USA civilian security cooperation was discussed in the dialogue at a great length. Both sides expressed their willingness to continue with their cooperation and share expertise in fighting this menace in any forms or manifestations.

The seventh round of Bangladesh-US Security Dialogue will be held in Dhaka in 2018 at a mutually convenient date.