Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA), the largest ICT association in Asia Pacific region, organizes APICTA Awards every year to promote ICT development as well as recognize software and ICT based services, innovation and creativity. For the first time in history, this largest Awards program is going to be held in Bangladesh during December 07 – 10, 2017. As a member of the alliance, Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) is the host agency for organizing the commonly known Oscars of ICT, APICTA Awards 2017.


The organizers announced the date of the awards program in a press conference on Saturday 23, 2017 at BASIS office. Dr. Dileepa de Silva, Chairperson, APICTA Executive Committee; Mr. Stan Singh, Vice Chairperson, APICTA Executive Committee; Mr. Abdullah H Kafi, Chief Judge, APICTA Awards 2017; Mr. Mustafa Jabbar, President, BASIS and Mr. Russell T Ahmed, Convener of APICTA Awards 2017 and Senior Vice President of BASIS detailed out the Awards ceremony to be held in Dhaka. Besides, delegates of APICTA Executive Committee and members of BASIS Executive Committee were present.


Dr Dileepa de Silva, Chairperson of APICTA Executive Committee mentioned that BASIS surprises us all since they become a member of APICTA Awards. Thus far, two APICTA Executive Committee meetings have been held in Dhaka. Bangladesh received prestigious award in 2016 while attending in the competition for the first time. This year, Bangladesh is the host country for this Oscars of ICT. We are very happy to see different activities of BASIS before the final event. We hope this year’s arrangement will be an exclusive paradigm for the upcoming awards program. He also applauded the warm and hospitable welcome of Bangladesh whilst the 55th Exco members were in Bangladesh.


About the upcoming APICTA Awards in Bangladesh, Mr. Mustafa Jabbar, President of BASIS said, it is a huge achievement of BASIS for being a valued member of APICTA in 2015. It brings a great honor to become the host agency for arranging such a prestigious awards ceremony. Around 200 contestants will compete in 17 different categories and almost 600 delegates of 16 Asia Pacific countries will participate. This is an opportunity for Bangladesh to introduce our ICT Industry in global platform and expedite exporting destinations. He also mentioned, the Digital Bangladesh vision declared back in 2008 by our Hon’ble Prime Minister has become exemplary to other countries and there are many countries who have declared digital vision for their countries.


Mr. Russell T Ahmed, Convener of APICTA Awards 2017 and Senior Vice President of BASIS said that APICTA Exco Meeting was held in Bangladesh for the first time back in 2016. This is the second time the meeting was held in Bangladesh. In December, the APICTA Awards 2017 is going to be held which will be a huge milestone for the ICT industry of Bangladesh. Both public and private sectors should come forward to make this prestigious award a success. He also mentioned that, we received awards in last year while we attended for the first time. This year, Bangladesh is going to participate in all 17 categories. We hope Bangladesh will perform better than before.


Apart from Bangladesh, other member economies of APICTA are Australia, Brunei Darussalam, China, China Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal.


The 55th APICTA Exco Meeting is being held for the upcoming Bangladesh APICTA Awards 2017 at BASIS office. The two-day long 55th APICTA Exco Meeting is going to be end today. Total 18 leading ICT experts of 17 economies took part during this meeting.


Asia Pacific ICT Alliance, is an alliance of national ICT organizations representing their respective economy to build and enhance a mutually cooperative network to promote ICT, enhance technology innovations, capability and adoption, and encourage the development of indigenous ICT solutions for the global market. As the leading trade body of ICT industry in Bangladesh, BASIS become a member of APICTA in 2015.  For more details, please visit